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The Spanish Association of Academic and Professional Marketing, AEMARK, in collaboration with the Universitat of València, is organizing the VII Doctoral Colloquium for doctoral students in marketing as an integrated activity in the 33 AEMARK International Marketing Conference, to be held in Valencia on September 7-9, 2022.

This Doctoral Colloquium offers Ph.D. students in marketing the opportunity to share their research with well-established researchers from Spanish and foreign universities, as well as other Ph.D. students. The main objective is to contribute to enhance the impact of research results, in order to improve the professional performance of doctoral students and their productivity, favoring the development of competences in the participants and their possibilities of interacting with other researchers.

Students will be able to register independently of the stage in which the elaboration of their doctoral thesis is. At the end of the Doctoral Colloquium, they will receive a certificate of attendance. It will be possible to attend a maximum of two times, although only one financial support will be accepted, at most.

Call for Doctoral Students

Candidates should send a summary of the thesis project, in English or Spanish, including:

    • Description of the research problem and review of the most relevant literature 
    • Key references
    • Objectives of the thesis 
    • Outline or description of the proposed methodology
    • Presentation of preliminary results (if any)
    • Level of progress of the thesis.
    • Description of the activities carried out, activities planned until the end of the thesis and expected delivery deadline.

The total length of the summary will be five pages, including: cover page, title, content, references, tables and figures. The title of the project and the name of the candidate and the director/s will appear on the cover page. Proposals must also be accompanied by the curriculum vitae of the candidate.


The Doctoral Colloquium will be held on September 7th, 2022.

The period for submitting proposals to participate in the Doctoral Colloquium begins o February 11, and ends on May 2, 2022.

A committee formed by the scholars who will participate in the sessions and by the designated coordinator will evaluate the proposals.

Registration fee, registration and financial support

DC Registration fee

Doctoral students

100 €

The registration fee includes:

  •  Presentation and discussion of thesis projects by participating students
  •  Working lunch
  •  Attendance at the Conference (excluding the gala dinner)

If a PhD student admitted to the Doctoral Colloquium is also an author of a submission at the Conference, the status of an author will prevail over that of Doctoral Colloquium participant, so that by paying the registration fee of the Conference, the student will be allowed to attend the Doctoral Colloquium and the gala dinner.

Submit proposals to

AEMARK and the organizing committee of the Conference are committed to this activity and will therefore dedicate financial support (grants and subsidies for attendance to Conference) to assist participants. Thus, AEMARK offers eight grants that will cover the registration fee to the Doctoral Colloquium.

The decision criteria for the allocation of these grants will be the evaluation of the CV of the candidate and the degree of interest of the proposal, according to the assessment of the doctoral colloquium committee for evaluating the proposals received.

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